Monday, April 8, 2013

Returning to Battlefield Heroes...

     Battlefield Heroes! I remember playing this game back in 2009. For those who are not familiar with this game, Battlefield Heroes is an F2P third person shooter game made by DICE and EASY. This game is an cartoony WWII styled Battlefield game kind of like Team Fortress 2, but much more cartoony and a third person shooter. When you first log in to BF:H site you get to create 3 of your heroes. You can choose your hero to be part of the Royals (British/Merica team) or the Nationals (Nazi Germany team). There are 3 types of classes and they're Commando (Stealthy Sniper/Spy class), Soldier (Normal Assault Rifleman class), and Gunner (Heavy Weapons class.) Create your hero, give him a good name, start the game and have fun. It's been 3 - 4 years since I last played this F2P game and I finally got back into the game to have some more fun. When I got back on the game there were lots and lots of changes in the game and after playing it again I said to myself this, "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THIS GAME?!?!?!"

     HOLY FUCK BALLS! They've added so much shit into the game it really made the entire game UNBALNCED AS FUCKING HELL. Some of the weapons were over powered as fuck, the game is buggy as hell, and whole lot of bull shit EASY did to this game. There are so many negatives from this F2P I have to explain them by starting with the items. You always start out stock and other weapons are worth points and funds. To get points you need to rank up, win a match, and doing missions. Missions are like achievement points based on kills, kills on a specific weapon, captures, wins, and all kinds of crap. Items cost about over 100 points and funds. You probably can tell where this is going, but I'll keep explaining it anyways. I believe back in the old days of BF:H you can purchase weapons, items, taunts, health, and abilities by using BF points for your hero to use during battle. Here is the downfall. There are a few items that are worth points and have a time limit to use (1 day - 1 month) and a SHIT TON OF FUNDED ITEMS. You get very less items worth cheap points and shit ton of funded items that are much more worth it. Items worth funds go for over 500 - 10,000 funds making your BF points worthless. You have to pay money to get funds and cheapest you can buy is 5000 which is about $7. Pretty much this F2P game has pretty much become a "Pay 2 Win" game. Another thing is that this game takes place in a WWII themed battle and they put out new content that are totally NOT related to WWII. All of the new items are either before WWII or after WWII making the game not make any sense at all. I ain't saying the game is not realistic how the fuck is it close to realism? Games aren't meant to be realistic, but I know for sure that games shouldn't be mixed up with events.

     A multiplayer isn't fun without didn't have it. Team balance was the main issue in the game because of the hero creating system. It's a fun feature to have, but it just defeats the purpose of joining teams. You pretty much have to decide out of 3 heroes to be on Royals or Nationals team. Default of heroes to have is three, but you can make more if you pay over 2000 funds for it. Weapons weren't so bad in the game they were the only thing that was balanced, until the new shit came in and totally destroyed the whole balanceness again and completely. Most of your OP weapons are worth funds so again another reason of making an F2P a P2W. It's fucking ridiculous to play with people who've used their funds to buy OP ass weapons so they can win easily. Commando's melee weapons are OP and they can kill you in like 2 hits with their fast running, Gunners have become EXTREMELY OP as fuck making them the ultimate weapon for winning instantly, and Soldiers...well they ain't OP...they are just weak as fuck. All these weapons just made the Soldier class useless and it's fucking wrong to have unbalanced classes along with teams. In fact, I believe the team names are unbalanced too. Nationals have some good shit, but I believe they are too good against the Royals. It looks like the Nationals are more powerful than the Royals which doesn't make any fucking sense. Now I know why people play as the Nationals more than Royals because the National's weapons are god damn OP. People play a lot as Gunner because he's the only class who us powerful as fuck to take out an entire team and win the entire match in 5 fucking minutes. Gunner is extremely over powered than the Heavy Weapons Guy in Team Fortress 2.

     There are many bugs in the game and so far hasn't been fixed, but what did you expect from an EA game? The matchmaking is balls compared to TF2's matchmaking system. It's fast, but it brings you to a lot of empty servers, brings you to only ONE active server, and sometimes doesn't even want to bring to a server at all. Sometimes when you try to log in with your class hero to play BF:H it will have an error a few times even when your internet connection is completely fine. Their servers are shit of course so I ain't gonna go further. There are lots and lots of bugs in this game I'm not even gonna explain it all cuz all of it is mostly EA logic.

     This really pisses me off to see a good F2P become a unabalanced as fuck P2W game. This doesn't even feel like a fucking F2P game at all. Sure you can "play 4 free," but you have to "pay 2 win." That really is an EA game for ya right there. Even though I've explained a lot of things wrong with the game and pretty much piss me off there is one thing that pisses me off more than what I've just it'll affect new players. That's right, I'm talking about the newbies. Someone new decides to play BF:H for the first time and they see all that good shit they don't have and then they get their asses kicked HARD by those players. These new players will be killed A LOT in that game and with all those players using their OP as fuck weapons against the newbies it makes them IMPOSSIBLE to compete with. It's like this; try to compare this with TF2. In TF2, when a newbie plays he will start sucking on his first time playing, but the more he plays the better he gets and its all good. In Battlefield Heroes it's a different story. You see, in BF:H, a newbie plays for the first time and starts sucking. He tries and tries against the over powered team and pretty much makes the player feel like shit. TF2 you ain't so bad, BF:H you are COMPLETELY shit. There is NO FUCKING WAY a newbie can face an OP player and team and without any good weapons like theirs you are pretty much USELESS. Making YOU the SHITTIEST PLAYER in BF:H. Skill won't work when it comes to these guys it's all trial and error. It is REALLY REALLY SAD to see a new player experiencing their first time in BF:H by getting their asses killed in seconds by the unbalanceness and over poweredness in that game.

     If you are a BF:H veteran whose played this game for 4 years or more I know how you must feel when a good F2P battlefield game becomes another piece of shit EA game. I too am disappointed to see the good BF:H die and become a unbalanced as fuck game. If you are new to BF:H I would advise you not to spend your time on this game if you cannot afford funds. I would suggest playing TF2 instead of BF:H. All I can say to you new players who've just got into BF:H today is that you've missed out the fun and it'll NEVER return.