Creepy Chell is Creepy :|
Real Slugger - Bring It in 2011.
Idk if it will happen

Real Slugger's The Rapcake Mix in 2011.
Idk if it will happen

Real Slugger - Till I Scatter in 2012.
Coming soon this year!
Yes this is my TF2 spray lol
Meet the FaG Scout banner from "Weaselcake And The FaG Scout" in 2010
This was a little photoshop picture for the shendileers Nazi Medic movie in 2009.
The movie was trashed due to YouTube not liking the idea.
Look at all these gifted games. It covered my whole desktop! Taken in 2010.
Yeah I still had WindowsXP back then lol
This was made for the phtotframe reskin from "The Big Craft" in 2010
A little spoof on Uncle Sam using Noah from HL2 Mod Human Error saying "Fuck You TWIC!" Made in 2010
Dr. Dremoman picture in 2011
The first Real Slugger picture in 2010
The very first Sexy Heavy Character screenshotted in 2009. Sadly this Heavy Character is retired :c
I made my own MC skin. Still needs some work, but I'm a little lazy lol
Made by Torri in 2010. Sadly my Heavy Character is retired :c
This is kind of my new logo/watermark. Not done yet tho.
Made by my good friend GentlemanlyPyro in 2009.
We were gonna make a video of this, but we kept it on hold
The Amnesia title from my 2011 Gmod video
With your unusuals combined, you make The Captain Planet!
Real Slugger with his twin sister at his old ballpark
My first unusual unboxed, but not my first unusual owned lol
I must pet ze chickens!

Portal 2 Coop w/ Speedjolt
"I am a cloths hanger!"
Just hanging