Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top 5 Best Games & Disappointing Game of 2013

Sorry this one was a bit late, but better late than never. This one was a bit tough for me to decide on because I haven't played much games this entire year. I was gonna make 1 for best and the other for disappoint 1 day at a time, but since it's New Years Eve that's gonna change. I'm gonna do this in 1 post. So here is my top 5 best games of 2013!


This one I had to debate on because of the DLC fuck ups Overkill has made. The Armored Transport DLC was a complete disappointment and the Gage's Weapons DLC is a bit over priced. I then realized all the fun I had playing this game when released and decided to put this as #5 on my list. I fucking love PAYDAY and PAYDAY 2 does have lots of improvements over the first game and has some fun jobs to do. More weapons, more heists, more masks, weapon parts, mask customization, and LODS OF EMONE! A friend of mine did a 24 hour charity stream of PAYDAY 2 on release day and I spent a few good hours playing some PAYDAY 2 with him to support the stream. We've made about $200 or more and though it wasn't much, but it's better than no donations and most importantly it was fun to do. If you haven't played PAYDAY 2 yet then buy it on Steam (avoid the Armored Transport and Gage's Weapons DLC) and start heisting.

4. Surgeon Simulator 2013

I've played a lot of simulation games for a few years, but this one was so special that when I played it I couldn't stop laughing my ass off. Surgeon Simulator is one of those simulation games where it can be pretty damn goofy and have weird ass logic. I remember playing this game for the first time when it was a unity browser game and I was like "wtf is this why is this funny why am I having fun I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!" Then the game got greenlit and was released on Steam and the Steam version provides more operation jobs with the same patient named Bob. I've stream this game 3 times this past year. I streamed the web browser version, the Steam version, and the Meet the Medic TF2 DLC. I have not played the space alien one because I haven't the game in awhile. It's a weird simulation game, but it's fun and laughable to play and you will always quote this every time you perform surgery the wrong way, "Thanks Obama!"

3. Pinball Arcade

I fucking love pinball! I remember playing a lot of pinball when I was a kid and I sure miss those days. Now I can play them again at home and on my PC. Pinball Arcade is another simulation game where all you do is play pinball. It comes with season packs with a few irl tables from like the 50s - late 90s. They also have their own history and have posters of them too. Does the game have proper pinball physics? Yes it fucking does! The only downside is for a F2P game you have to pay to get full access to tables. You can still play these tables, but only on a score limit and it will pretty much say, "Okay your score is 5,000 points you passed your score now get the fuck out," However, if you download the game now you get 1 free table to play on. I purchased some pinball tables that I remember playing in my childhood like the Monster Bash table and Harley Davidson table. You can download the game on Steam and check it out.

The verdict for this game: It's 50x better than Duke Nukem Forever's Pinball game.

2. The Stanley Parable

A very famous HL2 Source mod to become a standalone Source game and what it has to offer is amazingly well done. A game that offers many choices within the story that you can make. You can either follow the story or completely do w/e to change the story in a very hilarious way. The game's actual story is small, but great. The endings in the game are pretty funny and enjoyable. There are many ways you can get the game to end and I enjoy every one of them. Even though I do love the story, endings, and great narration acting I do love the mapping the most. Whoever did all the mapping in the game is fucking amazing and I wish to pay him to make me maps for my future videos. I kind of feel bad for my friend Dr. Face when he first saw the mapping and he's done some good mapping, but kind of made him feel bad because the maps are well made than his. Dr. Face is a great mapper too, but he is god amazing at Gmod animation. Anyways, if you haven't played the Stanley Parable before I would suggest you download the HL2 mod of it first for the experience. If you enjoy the mod then you will really like the standalone version.

Now before I get to my #1 best game of 2013 I just want to let you all know that these games I played aren't the best in the world, but I enjoy them. These are "my" games of 2013. These are my opinions on certain games I like so if your game is not on here that is because I've never played it or I have played it, but didn't enjoy it as much. Another thing is that The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead Season 2, and Grand Theft Auto V are not going to be on my number 1 part because GTA V is NOT on PC yet (I have played a little bit of it on the 360. Performance is wonky) and Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead Season 2 are not yet completed. Those 2 will be on my top list of 2014 games, but I will decide which one will be number 1.

For #1 best game of 2013 I just want you to hold your nasty comments about this game because there are some people who love and hate this game that I'm about to show you. And now for my #1 best game of 2013.

1. BioShock Infinite

I don't fucking care if people don't like it and think it's too casual, but I fucking love this game and deserves to be #1 on my top 5. Everything about it is so adventurous and beautiful. I love everything about the game; the story, the characters, the beautiful flying city of Columbia, the graphics (not as great as Far Cry 3), and the idea of it. Even though the game is amazingly awesome there are some major downsides; one is where you can only hold 2 weapons so you're going to have to decide what weapon you are good with most and upgrade it and two is the shield ruins the challenge. I played this game again in 1999 mode and the fucking shield makes the mode look like normal mode. Though I have died many many times, but it was still easy to beat in 1999 mode. They should have removed the shield in that mode. Many people hate the game because of it and I understand. I would agree with people that these downsides are kind of a game ruiner, but I still enjoy the game and Burial at Sea is pretty damn good. You can carry 4 weapons instead of 2 so that's a plus. The game can be a bit challenging so that's another plus. If you want to try this game out you can, but get Burial at Sea if you do. Amazing work Irrational Games.

Be thankful Ghosts isn't on my list...because its the worst CoD I've seen so far. Now that I got my top 5 best out of the way I want to share my most disappointing game of 2013. I was waiting for this game for a while and after playing and streaming it I was not happy the way in turned out. Here is my most disappointing game of 2013.

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was my favorite survival horror game of all time. When I first played the game I was freaking scared as shit and streaming the custom stories were fun as hell. I wanted to see what they got cooked up next. This game releases, I streamed it, played it, and did I enjoy it...no. The sequel to Amnesia has lacked A LOT of key things of a survival horror. They have eliminated the inventory system, they made your lamp infinite, the pig monsters weren't scary, too many puzzles, too much walking, and was not that scary. This game was a collaboration and developed by the Chineseroom (Dear Esther) and they made the game look exactly like Dear Esther. It was just boring and no special scares or anything. 2 years of the wait was completely wasted. I was really looking forward for this and it failed to be what it should have been. The only thing I do like about the game is the mapping. The Chineseroom did a fantastic job mapping in the game and most of the environment looks well done. Dear Esther had some great mapping even on the Source Engine it looks nice, but they are both the same and boring. They should have just named it A Machine For Pigs because the Amnesia name shouldn't have been slapped into the game. Outlast has accomplished what this game failed to be. This game is not worth it, but I'm sure modders can port the AMFP content into TDD for custom stories sometime. It was possible with Penumbra so I'm sure it's possible for this one too. Frictional Games did mention they are working on another survival horror title that isn't Amnesia, but I sure hope their new title becomes as good as the Dark Descent was.

That's my top 5 best and 1 most disappointing game of 2013. I will not be making worst games or top 5 best movies so this is all you get. Also, I want to really apologize for not posting any content this whole year. 2013 was not my year and I blame myself for not making anything. 2014 will be my year for sure. I'm going to stop fucking around and get something out there and I got something planned first for you guys. ;)

Anyways, Happy New Year! Don't get a DUI or else you'll get a 6 year suspension (at least that's what I heard on the radio) and see you guys in 2014! :D

Thursday, December 12, 2013

YouTube's Copyright Disaster

I knew this was coming...we all KNEW this was coming. I wished that it would never happen and wish for me not thinking it would happen, but it has begun. I'm going to try to be serious with this topic as I can and even though this post might sound weird, but that's because I'm in fear right now with this new change. So for those of you that don't know what the fuck is going on with YouTube let me explain. I believe it was somewhere on Monday or Tuesday that the flagging has begun. They added a new Content ID system that detects MOSTLY gameplay and game footage. What's wrong with this system? I'm not gonna be accurate on this one, but EVERYTHING is broken. Let's players, game reviewers, even machinima creators have been getting half of their videos claimed by the content ID system. People make revenue off their videos and YT pretty much tells them "FUCK YOU BITCH!" and flags their videos. Some may be flagged for a reason, but mostly these claims are bull shit. It's so flawed that even the Publishers such as Ubisoft, Capcom, Deep Silver, and a few others saying that they did NOT confirm the claims. Bunch of hungry ass publishers such as EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, and even the fucking movie and music industry is taking our fucking money and so is Google/YouTube.

They are doing this to prevent pirates and some how they think we are the pirates. We worked on our shit so hard to make money and make YouTube huge and they turn around and fuck us in the asses. So far I've only gotten 2 flagged videos for copyright. Did they get taken down? Of course not. I just wont earn revenue on them and these 2 videos are pretty old and I can care less. As long as they don't go after my most viewed videos then I'm in the safe zone...for now. This whole Content ID thing is like a minefield. there are some mines on the ground that will give you a claim or one that gives you the strike. We've all been on the copyright minefield before and it was tricky, but possible to get through. Now YouTube decided to just throw a bunch of more mines to fill in the field making it nearly impossible to bypass. They did that just to be assholes. You step on the claim mine, you lose your monetization for that specific video. Step on the strike mine, you get one strike and that video gets taken down. There are more claim mines that strike mines and many YouTubers have stepped on claim mines, but they didn't do it on accident or on purpose. It was YouTube who threw the claim mine in their fucking faces. It's wrong! YouTube has made some stupid decisions in the past few years and of course we all thought the Google+ forcing thing was the worst...it ain't. This one takes the cake as one of the worst and dangerous changes in YouTube history. Just fucking punish us by taking our fucking money falsely.

Bigger YouTubers are stressing out right now because of this and I'm talking about people like Boogie2988, Angry Joe, and a bunch of other YouTubers who are suffering this situation right now. They have uploaded a rant about this change and how much it will affect their lives. It is really depressing to make, watch, and hear.

Angry Joe's Copyright Rant:

Boogie2988's Rant and "GET A JOB" video:

AlphaOmegaSin's Rant:

It really is painful to watch and I feel depressed when they talk about this and how YouTube is fucking us over HARD. These people have words about this change and it is hurting them. Even for channels who have joined the partnership from Machinima.com, Makers/Polaris, Curse, Fullscreen are going to be hurt too.

I've been with Makers/Polaris for about a year and these people are gonna do their best to help me and all channels who joined them fix this situation as much as they can. We are all in deep shit right now and it's really scaring us. YouTube is ruining our lives with this new system. People have made a living off YouTube and made lots of money from YouTube to improve their content. We made YouTube big and YouTube got so big they want to kill us off so they can take our money from all the work we put into. We all don't deserve this. Let me tell you all that I may not be that famous on YouTube even when getting very close to 30,000 subscribers and I may not be making as much as these guys above this, but YouTube right now is the only job I have right now. It's not easy to find a real job here in San Jose Cali and I was working until I got laid off 2 months after being hired. I've been busting my ass off trying to find a job to make more money than my YouTube money and so far I haven't found anything since then. I've been getting depressed about this shit and its mainly the reason why I haven't posted anything in like a year. So far YouTube is the only job that can cover my phone bill and insurance. I'm paying $130 a month and right now my bank account is getting very low. I won't have enough to pay for my phone, my insurance, gas, and a whole lot of things if YouTube is going to cut my ass off like that. I make about between $150 - $200 a month from YouTube now and it's enough to cover my payments. I'm in deep shit right now...we all are in deep shit.

YouTube/Google, I've been on your site for 7 fucking years and I've seen some stupid shit you've been doing over the past few years, but this is just absolutely incredible. We make your site popular, you earn money from all of us, we created a great community from your site, and this is how you treat us now? You think that we are all criminals? THE FUCKING MPAA AND RIAA ARE THE REAL FUCKING CRIMINALS! THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE MAKING OUR LIVES MISERABLE! Pirates are criminals too you know. You should be going after them, don't just come to us and punch us in the face thinking that we are the criminals here. We worked our asses off so hard to make great content and earn money off of our effort and you just take our money from us. Shame on you YouTube/Google...shame on you. You guys are terrible people! Your copyright system is unstable as fuck. You break something and you break it some more and completely take our fucking money for it. You forced Google+ in our faces when we didn't want it in the first place. You've ignored our concerns and our suggestions and just say "FUCK YOU GUYS WE AIN'T CARING WHAT YOU THINK WE ARE GONNA ADD IT IN ANYWAYS DEAL WITH IT BITCHES! I swear to god YouTube I swear to FUCKING god if you claim any of my videos again even when I recently post a video there will be a fucking problem...there will be fucking blood. You think I'm just joking well GUESS WHAT I AIN'T BITCH! This community will fix your fucking bull shit and if you don't like it too fucking bad. We've had enough of your assholery YouTube it's time to stop. If this shit doesn't get fixed I will take my shit else where. Hell, if I had the money to make a new website where content creators can post their videos without any flawed copyright bull shit it would make things a lot better. I know our copyright system would be a lot more fucking stable than your piece of shit content ID machine. The person who is running the company is a heartless, money hungry, greedy asshole and that person needs to be fired. You don't fix this bull shit people will leave the site and your site will rot.

I apologize for my shit writing right now I'm just really fucking pissed off this is all happening to us YouTubers. If you are one of the people who have suffered these copyright claims on your videos I am very sorry. I truly am sorry. I would suggest you get some help to get your videos unclaimed and I wish you guys the best of luck. I really do hope our multi-channel networks and the community will fix this once and for all.