ARMaster's Main YouTube Channel
For source machinimas and other machinimas only.

ARMaster's Second YouTube Cahnnel
For non-machinima videos like gameplays, special features, etc.

ARMaster's Twitch Page
I will be doing streams on Livestream. I will be streaming games, video editing, and other stuff I can not porn you sick people.


This group is for my Livestream events only. If you enjoy watching my livestreams, join my group now for livestream events.

ARMaster's Official Twitter
Got Twitter? Feel free to follow me on my twitter. I'm mostly on Twitter everyday and I'm more active on there than I am on any other site. I would recommend following for updates and other BS.


In 2009, KnowYourMeme featured my very first gmod video, Scout is Delicious.

Once again, KnowYourMeme features 2 of my Food Debate Gmod videos on their site in 2009. The videos were "The Food Debate Continues" and "The Food Debate Still Goes On P1 and P2."

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