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Audtitions for the Chorus on the Real Slugger GMusic Video

Right now I'm going to make a new Real Slugger song that is a parody of Eminem's Till I Collapse and calling it, "Till I Scatter." Even though this is a new Real Slugger song, this one is going to be very different from the last two Real Slugger songs. This is going to be a parody using custom lyrics made by my friend Travis and having Raikujo as Real Slugger to rap using the lyrics we've given him. Yes, this is going to be a parody without using the Scout's default clips from the game. Since the first Real Slugger was a big hit and people are requesting me and other gmodders to make a music video version of the first Real Slugger song, "You All Suck" (parody of Eminem's Without Me), I've thought that it would be a great idea to make a new Real Slugger song using custom lyrics and a voice actor to rap as Real Slugger and make a music machinima of it.
At the moment, we are working on the audio recordings of rapping and putting it together with the instrumental music of the rap song to make it sound like a real eminem rap parody and once we have all that done we'll start working on the gmod recordings for the music video. I'm waiting for Raikujo to record the lyrics and send them to me and I'll merge his voice into the instrumental song. Even though he's going to be our Real Slugger for the parody and maybe for other Real Slugger songs in the future, we don't have a person to read off the chorus and outro in the song. That's where you guys come into play!
We need to find someone who can read off the chorus and the outro in the Real Slugger song. If you want your voice to be featured in the Real Slugger song, you must have these requirements.
  • You must have a GOOD microphone
  • Your voice has to be like Nate Dogg's or better (When reading the chorus and outro)
  • Record your voice using Audacity or better
Once you have these requirements done, export your voice recording on WAV format and send it to me at Once I to your recording, me and Travis will decide on the perfect voice for the chorus and outro and we will reply back saying your voice is perfect. If it's not perfect we might not reply at all, but we will give out a big thanks to the people who've participated at the end of the GMusic Video.
All you need to do is read off the chorus and outro of the song, record your voice that is related to Nate Dogg's or better, export it to WAV format, and send it to me. Here is the chorus of the song.

"Till the games are done, till the wheels are spun
Till my team has won, can’t stop the run
Till its not real fun - am I dead, not yet
I'll become human till my goal is met

Till the games are done, till the wheels are spun
Till my team has won, can’t stop the run
Till its not real fun - and my life is set
I'll become human till my goal is met"

Now here is the outro of the song.

"Until they say 
that I'm okay
If I'm insane
don't let the evil within me"
(The last line would go like this, "Don't let the e-vil-with-in-me")
(The outro might be edited. If it does and you used the old outro for your recording feel free to make another recording with the word "NEW OUTRO" on the wav file name.)

If you would like an example on what the chorus and outro sound like, you can listen to the original Eminem song here (Skip to 1:40 for the Nate Dogg Chorus). If you want to use the instrumental version to practice reading off the chorus and outro while following the beat to the instrumental, you can listen to the instrumental version here. (Outro practice @ 4:16). If you have any questions about the chorus and outro, you can email Travis at If you have any questions about the whole auditions like if you don't understand the instructions very well, feel free to email me about the auditions and I will reply with some more help. Remember, my email is
This screenshot was a bitch to make lol
Once we have the whole audio part of the song done, We'll start working on the Gmod recordings to make the GMusic Video of the song. I really want to put in a lot of effort into this video and with the help of my good gmod fellows we can make this video awesome. It will take some time to make, but it will totally be worth watching on YouTube. I know you guys will start asking me some questions about the whole Real Slugger video.

Q: When the audio part of the song is done, will we be able to hear the whole song before the GMusic Video release?
A: Sadly no, however, once we get half of the video part done I'll be uploading a preview of the music video with a little part of the song just to show you how it will look when the video is completed.

Q: Is there going to be a free MP3 of the song when the video is released?
A: Of course there will be a free MP3 of the song. If I'd make people pay to download the MP3 without permission, I would be fucked.

Q: Are all Real Slugger songs gonna be just like this one?
A: Yes, but it really depends if Raikujo wants to be part of the whole Real Slugger thing. If not, we can always find someone to replace him or we can just call it right there. I would love to keep it going because I know Raikujo has a perfect Scout voice and he really seems perfect for the role of Real Slugger.

Q: Why do these pictures of Real Slugger look so depressing?
A: Because this GMusic Video is gonna have its dark moments as Real Slugger raps.

Q: What is the whole plot to the GMusic Video?
A: The objective is the Scout wants to head back into civilization, however, he finds himself torn and “scattered” by the haunt past of working for Mann’Co Mercenary Squad. The questions are; will the Scout ever be able to restore himself as a peaceful man? If so, where does he take his aggression out? The course theme is the haunting memories of the mercenary life compared to his baseball life. So basically, the Scout returns home from the war (this is after the tf2 era) and reunites with his mother and little sister. Due to the bad memories of a mercenary, he still acts like a soldier and does some violent things if someone insults him or bumps into him when he's walking into town. The Scout realizes that he is living in a civilized society and he has to adjust, however, the others living in Boston see him as a monster so he becomes a outcast. After becoming a outcast, the Scout has to decide whether he wants to become a famous rapper in the mid 60s or  go back to being a mercenary. The music video will show his flashbacks of his past as a slugger, mercenary, and a monster.

Q: I know this is an odd question, but does the Real Slugger have a full name?
A: That's a very good question! Since you asked that, I actually came up with a name for the Real Slugger. I named him Thomas James Sanders or Thomas J. Sanders...that's what popped out of my head. Good name for a Scout amirite?

Q: If the Real Slugger songs become very big, are you planning on making a feature length machinima of him?
A: Maybe! Depends how life is doing for me. I'm not going into that topic atm because I'm going to be working on the Osama bin Laden comedy machinima first. If things go really well with the Osama movie, my life, and the Real Slugger songs in the future I might make a movie of him.

I hope those answered your questions, but if you have other questions about the Real Slugger - Till I Scatter video feel free to ask me these questions by YouTube message or email. Once again, even though this project will take awhile to make, I know that this will be the best Real Slugger video ever. With all the effort that me and my friends are going to put into this video project I know this will definitely be worth watching and will have been worth the wait.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Now go and become Real Slugger's chorus!

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