Friday, November 2, 2012

No More Gmod Videos From Me?

Well not exactly, however, it is true that my latest Gmod machinima "The Last Wave" is my final Gmod machinima. Reason why is because the release of Gmod 13 and I really dislike the new Gmod today and pretty much with Source Filmmaker out to the public I find it easier to make machinimas with that tool than Gmod. I've also been losing a lot of interest in Gmod because lots of addons were breaking, the frustration that I've dealt with for 2 years, and with Gmod 13 out there are not many tools being uploaded to workshop and how buggy Gmod is right now. Discontinuing the Gmod machinima making on my side does not mean that I'm going to stop making Gmod videos in general.

I will still make some Gmod videos in the future, but they will only be a few seconds long and going back to the Scout is Delicious era to make those kinds of videos again with better quality. I find that making short Gmod videos is a lot easier for me because I don't have to deal with the frustration of making a long Gmod video with lots of time and effort. While making "The Last Wave," I've ran into lots of errors in Gmod. The biggest error was the botkiller bonemerging. The bonemerging on the botkiller heads works fine on guns, but for melee weapons such as the wrench and knife were fucked. I pretty much had to animate both the knife and the botkiller head together to make it look like a botkiller knife. CoverOP tried to help me out with that problem, but didn't work out until Gmod 13 he figured it out. Pretty much there are lots of bull shit happening on Gmod today and its making it become crappier than ever. So starting next year, all my machinima projects will be made on Source Filmmaker.

My dream was to become an animator and I wanted to buy the shit for animating, but just didn't know how to use them and they were too expensive. Since SFM is free, I can make my machinimas using pose to pose animation. I have some great projects I want to work on using SFM and I know you guys will enjoy them. I know you guys are going to be all, "I miss ARMaster making Gmod videos he was best at it" I know I'm best at it, but I can't deal with it no more and I really want to make actual animation machinimas. In fact, me and my friend are working on a big SFM project and of course its going to be a parody of another game. I'm not going to mention what it is, but there will be some stuff popping up soon that is related to it.

I know Gmod 13 is new and buggy as shit and it will all be fixed soon, but I really want to make SFM videos that I know you will enjoy. I'll even make some SFM shorts in the future too. I have lots of great ideas for SFM videos and I want to start making them next year. Thank you all for giving me a huge support on my gmod videos and for enjoying my final gmod machinima. This is a big step for me to become a animator on Source machinimas.

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