Monday, November 18, 2013

Breaking Badlands: New Gmod Short Series

First off, I want to apologize for not being very active on YouTube. Right now I'm going through some outside stuff and I've been very very busy and not being able to make YT video posts in like a year. Also I know I haven't used my blog in awhile so I think I might make a new thing for that so I can be active on my Blog more. Might do some changes here and there. Anyways, on to the topic.

I'm proud to announce my next Gmod project called "Breaking Badlands." After watching the entire Breaking Bad TV show on AMC I was amazed how well written the story was and I absolutely think that Breaking Bad could be my favorite TV series of all time. Breaking Badlands is a TF2 parody of Breaking Bad which takes place in the TF2 world. The idea of this project is to reenact the Breaking Bad sequences with some humor in the series. This is going to be a 5 part series and some parts might be longer than 10 mins of footage.


The plot to this series is that Spysenberg (The Spy) has lung cancer and in order to make money for his love (Scout's Mom) he has to work with his young partner Jesse Scoutmann (The Scout.) They have to make meth and try to sell it as much as possible to make lots of money. However, they tend to blame each other for their stupid mistakes and have to do whatever they can to get themselves out of the situation. In the 5 part series you will see their story on how they became huge drug dealers in the badlands. They might even be richer than Mann Co.

I still got to plan out the story of them and how to make it funny for you guys so stay tuned for more updates on this project. I'll do my best to keep updating you guys on this blog. If you have any questions about the series or w/e feel free to comment or PM me on my YT channel.

I'm so excited to work on this project and I want to do my best work on it. I know I haven't posted a gmod video since "The Last Wave" in 2012, but I'm sure this will be better than ever. Expect the first part to be ready in early 2014. :D

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  1. Is this going to take a year to finish the series?