Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blog Update and Changes

As you can tell once again I've been rarely using my blog site and now that I'm back on I've notice that the site has become terribly optimized. Everything loads really really really REALLY slowly. Isn't Blogger owned by Google? If that's the case, you know who to blame. Anyways, There has been some shit happening on my end for months and so far I might be getting a real outside job soon. I've also had some great ideas for YouTube content that are currently in the works right now and I may have something big planned once all the other projects are finished. While I was on here I decided to make a few changes in my blog page to make my blog more in it's current state rather than being completely outdated since 2012. Here's what I've changed;
  • Changed Livestream page to replace Livestream player with Twitch player and renamed it Twitch page.
  • Removed Facebook Page link in the other links page as I rarely use FB anymore and has become a cluster fuck.
  • Replace Livestream link with Twitch link to my Twitch page.
  • Removed a few pictures in the screenshots page.
These are just very small changes I'm sure there is a reason that this was pointless to do because I rarely use this page. Anyways just an update good day.

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