Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Films of 2014

Now that you saw what my best PC games of 2014 are here is my opinion on the best films of 2014. Instead of going by top 5 I'm going to show the best films in their genre. There will be best action, drama, comedy, animation, and best overall. Note that I don't watch horror films as I think that most of it today really suck. So here are the best films of 2014.

Best Action: John Wick
I'm not a big fan of Keanu Reeves, but after seeing this film consider myself one now. John Wick is one badass mother fucker who kills assholes who take his car and kills his dog. Probably one of the best action films I've seen in a long time. This film doesn't focus too much on the story, but does focus a lot of the most corny yet badass action scenes in the movie. The entire movie is just Keanu going full hitman on every person who fucks with him. I would like to thank Overkill Software for promoting this film and adding a John Wick character in Payday 2. Sadly not voiced by Keanu himself, but it's still awesome to kill cops as the badass himself. Also his favorite number is one.

Best Animated: The Lego Movie
I loved legos as a kid and I still love them today as a 22 year old. Back in the old YouTube days I remember seeing people make stop motion lego videos and most of them were pretty creative though I can understand how much of a pain in the ass it is to make the stop motion as smooth as possible w/o taking apart anything. The Lego Movie is a very very creative and hilarious film about legos. I love how there is a story in the lego universe and I really really really love how animated it is. It's not just CGI it also has stop motion as well. Sometimes when I see this movie I think to myself since they made a Lego Movie I wonder if they would make a Garry's Mod Movie. That would be interesting and I know it'll never happen.

Best Comedy: The Fluffy Movie

Gabriel Iglesias is the funniest comedian in stand up. I thought it was a bit weird to show his stand up in a movie theater when it could have been shown on Comedy Central or something, but I really didn't give a fuck. His stand up film really made me crack up so hard I damn neared pissed myself in the movie theater. It kind of did feel I was in the theater watching Gabriel's stand up live. If Gabriel does stand up in San Jose I'm going to see it. Gabriel is my 2nd favorite comedian while Robin Williams will always be my number one favorite comedian.

Best Drama: The Monuments Men
I don't understand why people hated this film. Was it because it was boring? I thought it was great to be honest with you guys. This film is based on the true events in World War II and for me being totally into World War history I really enjoyed the film. The Nazis were murderers and thieves so they stole all monuments. They either keep for themselves or destroy them. Art is history and the monuments men didn't want history to be destroyed so they go out to find them and get out with the monuments in safe hands of the Allies. I would suggest you should read the novel if you have the time and maybe learn a little bit more history on these guys. World War isn't just about the action. It's about a war that has changed people and the world.

Best Overall: Fury
Speaking of WWII, Fury is another good example of what World War II really was. It's not just about the tanks and killing nazis. It was about how bloody and deadly WWII was. This film really felt that you were in that war and it is a scary thing. These men in this fictional film were real soldiers fighting and dying for their country. When I saw this film I was blown away of how intense it was. Brad Pitt and others did a fantastic job with this film. I also loved the quote that Brad Pitt says in the piano scene where he mentioned Norman and Emma saying, "they're young and they're alive." To me when he says that it means no matter how much hell there is in this world just remember that you are young and alive and you can still do things to make your life as best as you can make it. So even when Norman is scared and doesn't like killing he was young and alive to make his dreams happen like being with Emma during the war. I would go on about this, but I want to make this short and say that Fury is by far one of the best films of 2014. I would highly recommend seeing this so you can understand how WWII has changed everything and everyone. I'm going to end it here by adding this catchphrase from the film, "Best job I ever had."

That has been my best films of 2014 and since this is my final post of 2014 I'll go ahead and end this by saying Happy New Year and see you in 2015. :)

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