Monday, December 29, 2014

My Top 5 PC Games of 2014

Man 2014 went by fucking fast. I guess since the year is close to being over it's time once again to share you my top 5 games of 2014. Just remember these are PC games only. I'll probably add some honorable mentions after my top 5. The honorable mentions won't be just for PC. So here is my top 5 games of 2014.

5. Sniper Elite 3
I enjoyed Sniper Elite V2 and disliked the Nazi Zombie Army, but Sniper Elite 3 is a whole lot better than all the rest. In Sniper Elite 3 the game takes place in Africa and all you do in the game is...well...shooting nazis. What's different about this game is that the maps are more open so you can find a good place to snipe instead of in V2 where it was all linear. The x-ray gore scenes are far much better and cringier than ever before. And yes, there is another Hitler DLC where you can sniper him in the ball(s), but the thing about it is that it is too easy to kill him. In V2 is was pretty much a challenge to get him in the ball(s). Other than that, Sniper Elite 3 is the best sniping game of 2014. I highly recommend getting it if you love sniping.

4. Insurgency (Insurgency 2)
I remember playing Insurgency when it was a source mod back in 08 or 09. It was really fun. Insurgency 2 was released as an early access in 2013 and I was part of the early access and I enjoyed it even more. Played the game from it's alpha stage to beta and all the way to it's full release in 2014. Insurgency 2 is an improvement over the mod and it features a tactical PvP. The best feature in the game is coop mode. I played a lot of the coop mode with a few players and they are challenging as hell, but really fun. If there is one thing I hate about the game it would be the AI. The AI in training are yogurt for brains and the AI in coop are cheap as hell. I guess making the AI cheap in coop mode does make it more fun and nerve racking. The coop mode does feel like you are really in the battlefield in Iran. Insurgency 2 is by far the best tactical FPS we had in a long time. I got to play more it though.

3. Wolfenstein: The New Order
Ever since we had the piece of shit Wolfenstein game in 2009, I was hoping that TNO would be a lot better. It turns out that it really did turn out better, Wolfenstein The New Order is an action FPS that takes place in an alternate 1960 where the Nazis had won the 2nd World War and rule the entire world. You play as the action FPS grandfather himself, BJ Blazkowicz, to kill all nazis who have taken over in an old school silly like FPS shooter. The concept of the game is really good and the gameplay is really really really fun. I enjoyed every minute of this game and I would play it again if the PC version was optimized enough. Still, this game does kick a lot of ass and I highly recommend it over Wolfenstein 09. I still think that Return to Castle Wolfenstein is still the best in the series, but this game is 2nd best to me. Great work MachineGames.

2. Far Cry 4
In my Top 5 games of 2012 I put Far Cry 3 as my number 2 game of 2012. Far Cry 4 has tied up with Far Cry 3 in the top 5 and that is a bit surprising. Far Cry 4 is a sequel to FC3 and though the game may look the same as FC3 there are many new things added like more wild life, much more open world in Kyrat, more activities, and yes even a real fucking coop mode. You can finally explore Kyrat in a 2 player coop mode and liberate outposts and shit like that. The coop mode is probably the best mode in the game and the most fun I've ever had. I had so much fun I made a video of it. If you haven't seen my FC4 video I posted like almost a month ago you can watch it here. Ubisoft, you may have been fucking up hard this year like you did with Watch_Dogs and AC:Unity and I'm glad you didn't fuck up Far Cry 4. I will say this Ubisoft if you do fuck up Rainbow Six: Siege and The Division there will be blood. I hope you guys get your shit together for next year. You still have my support. Other than that. FC4 is another game I highly recommend. For you AMD users out there I'm hearing the game is not AMD friendly even if you have a R9 290 or w/e. I moved to a Nvidia GTX 970 and the game runs great.

 1. The Wolf Among Us & The Walking Dead Season 2
Okay I cheated, but it's my blog and my rules so stfu. To be honest though, this one was a real tough one. I played both of these games and they are both outstanding, but deciding which of them should take the gold was a real hard decision. Took me months and months to figure out which game should be number 1 on my top 5. I said to myself, "fuck it!" I made them both take the gold because of how well written both games were. Both released in 2013 and all ended in 2014 they both do an amazing job on the characters and story. TWD:S2 was more emotional while TWAU was more intense on a murder case. I say they both deserve GOTY 2014 and that is a double win for Telltale Games. Telltales earns #1 on the list yet again in my top 5. I hope they make a Breaking Bad game.

That was my top 5 games of 2014. I know last year's top 5 was lame and half-assed, but this year has been a good year for me to actually make a top 5. With the top 5 out of the way I would like to mention some other games that I enjoyed this year in the honorable section. Here are the honorable mentioned games of 2014.

Honorable Games of 2014

Super Smash Bros (3DS & Wii U)

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

Shovel Knight (PC)

Sunset Overdrive (XBONE)
PC plox? :3

The Talos Principle (PC)

That seems about it for this post. Stay tuned for the best films of 2014. 2015 is gonna be a big year for games and hopefully for me. I know there will be videos of games that I'll be playing on the PC and of course there will be one game that will end up on PC that I'll play the shit out of and will make videos of. That time is very close...very...very...close.

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